Adventures with Bossmen

Bossman and I are discussing the likely print run specs for an upcoming book.  Bigbossman walks in.

BBM: Just the people I needed to see.  I need to know who from Tolkien who sounded especially medieval, and isn’t Gandalf?*

BM: Well, there is Aragorn, but everyone kinda talks that way—but he does more than anyone else.

Me: Hmmm . . . are we counting the Silmarilion, Books of Lost Tales, and Lays of Beleriand?  There is Turin Turambar, or Beren—oh, and if we’re talking places, can’t forget Osgiliath or Gondolin. . .

(Discussion ensues between Bossman and me, with occasional references to Bossman’s limited edition map of the lands in The Hobbit)

BM: Well, that would be to the southeast of that map.  I should have looked this up earlier—I actually made some reference to Theodin with someone earlier, but forgot his name.

BBM: You ever been in Big Bang Theory?

Good to know my geek cred’s still intact.

*Don’t ask me why.

Beating Our Audience to the Punch: Emeriti and Publishing

The conundrum: we academic publishers want to use ebooks and/or print-on-demand for our titles that would otherwise be removed from print and remaindered, but the technology isn’t yet ready and our audience sees these as signs of the Apocalypse.

Really, how do you get a 78-year-old emeritus professor who misses his typewriter to embrace ebooks? Continue reading

Nasty Little Unspoken Truths—Academic Sexism Lives

“Everyone” who does a philosophy-related blog has to talk about this topic at some point or other.  One of the better philblogs, Crooked Timber, even includes a handy-dandy breakdown chart that shows us philosophers down near the bottom, below some of the famously male-dominate STEM fields. Continue reading