Adventures with Bossmen

Bossman and I are discussing the likely print run specs for an upcoming book.  Bigbossman walks in.

BBM: Just the people I needed to see.  I need to know who from Tolkien who sounded especially medieval, and isn’t Gandalf?*

BM: Well, there is Aragorn, but everyone kinda talks that way—but he does more than anyone else.

Me: Hmmm . . . are we counting the Silmarilion, Books of Lost Tales, and Lays of Beleriand?  There is Turin Turambar, or Beren—oh, and if we’re talking places, can’t forget Osgiliath or Gondolin. . .

(Discussion ensues between Bossman and me, with occasional references to Bossman’s limited edition map of the lands in The Hobbit)

BM: Well, that would be to the southeast of that map.  I should have looked this up earlier—I actually made some reference to Theodin with someone earlier, but forgot his name.

BBM: You ever been in Big Bang Theory?

Good to know my geek cred’s still intact.

*Don’t ask me why.

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