In Bruges, Blood, and Bechdel II: YOU’RE an Inanimate F***ing Object!

Okay, enough about violence against men.  How about the really glaring lack of women?

By now, the Bechdel Test has made its way around the Interwebs as a sort of minimum standard for finding movies that, you know, actually seem to care about writing parts for female characters rather than casting women as objects, love interests, damsels in distress, etc.  Rather than giving all the interesting lines and parts to men, wouldn’t it be nice if we got some women who got some attention from the scriptwriters for a change? Continue reading


In Bruges, Blood, and Bechdel I: Take THAT, You Philistines!

Do I ever respond/steal from other people?  Well, when they’re writing about In Bruges, yes, yes I do.  Thank you, Philistine, for spreading the word about one of the all-time criminally underrated dark comedic gems.  For those of you not familiar with Martin McDonagh (pretty much my whole audience, since this isn’t “Irish Drama Daily”), his work is filled with two things: the sickest, most deliciously ironic twists of fate ever, and blood.

Lots of blood. Continue reading