Velointerlude: Can You Bike There? Beyond Suburban Sprawl

IMG_2185So, the $360,000 question is this: can you make car-dependent sprawlcities and suburbs like Oklahoma City bikeable? If so, why bother?

No, really. If a car-dependent infrastructure has already developed, why try to radically disrupt it for the sake of something that’s foreign to the local way of thinking? Continue reading


Velointerlude: Can You Bike There? Urban Progress Goes “Boink”

Oklahoma City: Capitol of the New Century. Boomtown. One of the best places to move if you’re looking for a job. Home of new skyscrapers and corporate headquarters. Thief of basketball teams. Nice place to live, but…well, actually, you might want to visit there.

In the decade or so since I left town for school (then more school, then publishing, then…whatever it is I do now), the city’s changed. Money does that to cities. Perfect and combine a couple nifty tricks that open up new oil and gas formations, and it’s like 1972 all over again. People are moving in, and parts of the city I never knew existed in the 19 years I lived there are now Places. Walkable, bikeable, sustainable, and urban Places, I’ve been told—and great Places to score Professorcoats dating from the last oil boom. Continue reading