#coffeeneuring 7, 7.5, and beyond: The Old Familiar Places

7: Maryland Food Collective (7.7 miles), blend of medium/dark Equal Exchange in house mug for 75¢ and Campfire S’more Sundae from the Dairy

8 (7.5?): A Baked Joint (4.4 miles), Elixir washed process Konga Yirgacheffe pourover and butternut squash/pumpkinseed focaccia stick.

IMG_3374Wait, why 7.5? I thought the rules only required 7 stops?!?

IMG_3373Well, yeah, that’s true. I wanted to do 7 places I didn’t do last year, though, and I realized after the fact that I’d hit up Coffee for People, Not Profits previously. I mean, it’s not like I begrudge my favorite Den of Equity extra publicity—The Revolution must be caffeinated—but I was trying to do New Places and New Things. Continue reading


#coffeeneuring 5&6: God in a Cup

#5: Potter’s House, Washington, DC (26 miles): Counter Culture Kenyan Thiriku Cooperative pourover

#6: Vigilante Stand, DCCX (11.2 miles), Washington, DC: Brazilian Santa Ines pourover/Acme hazelnut nutella pie—Will Race for Nutella.

IMG_2916It’s been a noisy week in Washington, my hometown, out on the Anacostia.

A DDOT meeting on bike lanes turned into a well-publicised shouting match in Shaw. Churchgoers vs. cyclists, long-time residents vs. newcomers, suburbs vs. the new DC, black vs. white, cars vs. bikes…pick your side of the battle lines and start cursing at one another. Continue reading

#coffeeneuring the GAP (3&4)

3: Joe Greens, Meyersdale, PA; 62.3 miles (Cumberland, MD—Confluence, PA); house coffee with cream (& Turkey/Bacon/Swiss/[unlisted avocado] sandwich with locally made plum lemonade)

4: Ohiopyle Bakery, Ohiopyle, PA; 54.7 miles (Confluence—West Newton, PA); hot chocolate (& pumpkin cookie & apple dumpling & Roast Beast sandwich)

Not Coffee/Not Visited this time: Queen City Creamery, Cumberland, MD (butter pecan peanut butter sundae in homemade waffle bowl); Mountain City Coffeehouse and Creamery, Frostburg, MD (hey, it was good two years ago!); Milroy Farms, Salsbury, PA (Maple Deliciousness!); Sweetie’s Bakery and Cafe, Confluence, PA (sure, pizza, but local maple/walnut ice cream, pumpkin bars that are actually made with actual pumpkin, and Other Sorts of Pastries…); Trailside Restaurant, West Newton, PA (Megalodon fish sandwich and local English IPA…oh, and pierogi pizza); OTB Bicycle Cafe, Pittsburgh (Buck Snort Stout, good hummus, and enough bike puns on their menu to last you a while); Burgatory, Homestead (hey, they’ll grind bacon INTO the burger—and their local draft selection’s pretty good, especially that Blackstrap Stout)

IMG_3091So a three-day trek may be a tad long to ride for a couple cups of coffee and a can of beer, but if I can bike to Annapolis for my Amsterdam fix, then trekking to the Forks of the Ohio for a stout makes total sense.

Plus, I have this totally awesome ‘cross bike that needs to be ridden, and fall foliage is cool.

Continue reading

#coffeeneuring 2: Slipstream

2: Slipstream, Logan Circle, Washington, DC; 15.2 miles: washed process Reko (espresso)

The last time I was at Slipstream, it was sleeting. “Shinola Detroit: Coming Summer 2015” said the sign on 14th NW. Didn’t believe it for a moment. Oh, they’d be there in June, to be sure; I just didn’t believe in summer. That may have been the worst day of that neverending winter (cracked my helmet later after slipping on an icy expansion joint on 9th NW, which may have been the Single Worst Moment of Freezing Saddles for me), but end it did. Continue reading

#coffeeneuring 1: Ceremony

1: Ceremony Coffee Roasters, Annapolis, MD; 64.8 miles: natural process Wazzala

The first time I tried to head out to Annapolis was with Ben and Dustin. I’d spent the night before nervous and not sleeping (this happens a lot before big rides), almost didn’t show up at Proteus, and, when we did get going, had to bail along Springfield Road—just couldn’t keep up on the rollers. Sure, I made it back to the start of the Goose Loop by the time the morning farms ride showed up, but it wasn’t exactly my best showing.

IMG_2429Time two was with Eric and Laurie for BikeMaryland Day; we followed Eric’s supersecretspecialrandoroute. Yeah, um…there’s no way I’m ever going to be able to follow all those cuts we took through Bowie back streets and over metal grate bridges again. I get lost.

Time to screw my courage to the sticking place and take the nutcaseroute. Between highways, geography, and poor planning, there are no good ways between DC and Annapolis, just picking evils.

To summarize: 1/3 is great, 1/3 isn’t too bad, and 1/3 is Bowie.* Continue reading