*Another* Critique of Cycle Chic

Elly Blue at Taking the Lane has already written the feminist takedown of Mikael Colville-Anderson’s Cycle Chic movement that needed to be written—but there are even more Issues with CC than just its inherent sexism and objectification. While I have fewer than no problems with making roads safer for cyclists, I do have problems with Colville-Anderson’s casual classism.

His tagline may be “Urban Cycling for the 99%,” but, to look over the CC photoblog, one would be excused for thinking Copenhagen—and Amsterdam, and Fort Worth, and every other bustling, cosmopolitan, diverse metropolis—was free of cyclists from working class, immigrant, or other non-priviliged backgrounds. All these candid photographs of beautiful people (usually women) on bikes, artfully composed with a narrow depth of field, and never a helmet in sight to mess up that perfectly wind-touseled long hair. Continue reading