Some of these, like Innovation & University Publishing (the minigraph series), actually were intended to be multi-post series, while others (especially the guide to university publishing) just turned out that way. As such, some of them are a bit more coherently and explicitly united than others. This list also excludes two-part posts, at least for now.

Yves Klein and Interpretation: Part 1, Why Art Museums Need PhilosophersPart 2, The Strange Hell of Beauty; and Part 3, Much Ado About Nothings

Underrated Philosophers: Marsilius of PaduaMachiavelliPascalDuns ScotusDante; and Jorge Luis Borges

Innovation & University PublishingServing (at least) Two MastersMeet the MinigraphAn Exercise in StrategeryBuild It and Will They Come; and appendix (forthcoming)

The Doctoral Student’s Guide to University Publishing: Why the Intern Rejected Your BookWhy the Intern Liked Your BookYour Book Will Not SellYour Dissertation Isn’t A Book (But It Can Be)The Dungeon Master’s Guide to Manuscript Evaluation; An Education for Academic Writers I: Your Dissertation is Not A Book; An Education for Academic Writers II: Money vs. Honor


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